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Barrio Logan Souvenirs (that won’t break your travel budget)

Our family values experiences over things. This isn’t to say that we don’t enjoy bringing home meaningful reminders of our adventures. We do! For example, the souvenir that I chose to bring home from Mexica City was a manual juicer to remind me of the frutería (juice bar) our family frequented. 

You won’t find a typical touristy gift shop in our Beyond the Zoo Guide to Barrio Logan. However, you don’t have to look far for a memorable souvenir that won’t break your budget. Pinataz Zarate at 2076 Logan Ave is a family owned shop specializing in custom piñatas. Check them out as you explore Barrio Logan!

Bring home a small piñata for about $5. We recommend letting each family member pick out candy even if you don’t wish to fill your piñata. After all, it’s all about the experience!

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