Our Story

McLandia is a mythical place where playtime erases worries, legends are born through play, and memories are made through shared experiences.

Our curated San Diego experiences help you take home a San Diego memory that lasts a lifetime.

The Legend Begins

McLandia began years ago on an endless summer day. We played hooky from our grown up lives and took the kids to Fiesta Island on Mission Bay.

No agenda, just play.

First, we caught a couple fish. Then the kids bored of that so we ditched our fishing gear and started splashing around in tide pools. Somewhere along the way we started digging in the sand, sculpting a massive imaginary city, and creating a story to go along with it. Ever-evolving buildings and roads emerged in the sand each with it’s own purpose. Our city grew larger and larger until it was probably 10 feet across!

Away from mobile devices, video games and any thought of work, the hours passed. Days, years, or a century melted away as we were collectively lost in play. We were no longer kids and adults— We were co-creators of an entirely new kingdom. Our own kingdom! 

“What should we call this place? It was an innocent dad question with the sun fading in the background. We aren’t quite sure who first said it, but we remember the answer: “McLandia.”

Your Invitation to Discover Your Own McLandia

Our family moved to San Diego in 2008. We still consider ourselves local tourists. We are constantly out discovering all that this city has to offer.

America’s 8th largest city is known for it’s world famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, and world class resorts. And while we love each of those things we long for San Diego visitors to experience more of San Diego. We are a region with so much to offer yet many things that visitors seem to miss. 

We are doing something to change that. 

It’s our goal to help you discover something off the beaten path, your own version of McLandia. May our little company help you create your own family mythology.

Whether you join us for a tour, a beach bonfire, or download one of our Beyond the Zoo Day Trip Guides, our aim is that you make memories in San Diego.