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What I Like About La Playa Trail (Bessemer Path)

Bessemer Path is a public walking path along the bay shore. Park on the street and begin at Talbot Street and Anchorage Lane in Point Loma, next to the San Diego Yacht Club. The path ends about a half mile north near the Southwestern Yacht Club. You can either loop around at that point, or continue through the neighborhood to Kelloggs Beach, a sandy "locals" beach overlooking the bay. If you want to take a classic picture of the San Diego skyline, Kelloggs Beach is where its at.

This is a popular path, but not overcrowded. The path backs up to local residences on one side, and the bay on the other. Expect beautiful bay and city views combined with pretty residential landscaping. A tree swing towards the end of the path is an unexpected delight that adds to the charm! Although the path is known by locals, you'll feel like you've discovered a hidden spot.

Bessemer Path is also a portion of the historic La Playa Trail. According to the La Playa Trail Association, the trail is referenced by Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, the Spanish explorer who is credited for discovering the San Diego Bay on Sept. 28, 1542. A marker at La Playa Cove on Talbot Street designates the site of a Chinese fishing village from around 1860 to the early 1890's. We love that the trail is an important piece of San Diego history!




Talbot St & Anchorage Ln San Diego, CA 92106

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