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What I Like About The New Children’s Museum

A mix of new exhibits plus old favorites provides hours of fun for kids. The New Children's Museum is more than a hands-on play area - though they do provide plenty of opportunity to play. As a parent, I'm consistently impressed with the thought and design that goes into each exhibit. The professional art exhibits are designed to get children to think about the world around them while engaging in creative activities.

Our kids love the art studios (sculpting clay and painting large objects like cars and trucks) and blowing massive bubbles off a second floor balcony. Clay sculptures may be left to dry in the sun while you play, so that you can take them home. There are separate toddler-only areas too which provide safe age-appropriate activities to engage the littlest visitors.

Grab a snack at the small cafe on the main floor to replenish your energy. Leave some time on your way out to visit the small garden and play area outside. It's a good way to decompress after a brain workout!


200 W. Island Ave San Diego, CA, 92101

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