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Por Vida: A Barrio Logan coffee shop celebrating coffee, culture, and art

Por Vida’s tagline is cafe * cultura * galería. The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Por Vida (meaning for life in Spanish) is the graffiti style artwork bearing it’s name. This without a doubt sets the tone as you step inside the coffee shop decorated with artwork and cultural icons. While the menu stands on its own as reason to visit Por Vida, you’ll also get a strong dose of art and culture. 

Let’s talk for a minute about the menu. My first introduction to Por Vida was through Instagram (@porvidacafe). During the heat of the summer it was the Spicy Lemonades that jumped off their Instagram feed and enticed us to pay them a visit. Our adventurous teens and the up-for-anything involving-food youngster were more than happy to tag along. The colorful spicy limonada (the spice comes from tajin) did not disappoint as a refreshing sweet and sour concoction. We were also impressed with Por Vida’s creative menu of speciality lattes. In addition to expected flavors like horchata and Mexican chocolate, there are canela y brown sugar, mazapan, la rosa, and dulce de leche lattes to choose from. We’ve been back since that first visit on a quest to explore the menu.

The owners of Por Vida are invested in Barrio Logan. Amongst other things, the empty lot next door to Por Vida is used for community gatherings such as the Barrio Logan Flea Market which showcases local artisans and food vendors. When we released our free Beyond the Zoo Guide to Barrio Logan one of our stated objectives was to share how history, art, food, and pride in cultural heritage make Barrio Logan a destination worth exploring. Por Vida is an example of how a community is made better by embracing these things and by lifting each other up to create a bright future.

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