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Play Activity: Ultimate Playground Warrior

Do your children like obstacle courses? Are they obsessed with popular competition shows like Ultimate Beastmaster and American Ninja Warrior

Did you dare not miss an episode of Double Dare or have a favorite American Gladiators character while growing up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will love Waterfront Park. The unique play structures here are ideal for creating kid-friendly obstacle course style challenges. With just a little imagination your kids will be on their way to being the Ultimate Playground Warrior.

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Waterfront Park along the Embarcadero

Located along the Embarcadero, Waterfront Park is McLandia kid-tested and approved. It’s a recommended stop in our family-friendly Beyond the Zoo Guide to San Diego By the Bay. The main attraction at Waterfront Park is a 830 foot-long fountain designed for kids to splash around. Truth be told, we rarely make it into the fountains because the playground itself is so much fun. 

The park has a cool play area with unique climbing structures, a hill that kids can climb and slide down, and a grassy field overlooking the bay. Park amenities include picnic tables, benches, restrooms, drinking fountains, and a snack shop.

Waterfront Park is a community gathering spot that plays host to concerts, Summer Movies in the Park, fitness events, festivals, seasonal activities and other things. A schedule of events is available on the Waterfront Park Facebook page so that you can plan your visit to take place during or around the crowds. 

Last but not least of our favorite things about Waterfront Park is the location. The bay, the tall ships, the city backdrop, quirky artwork…it’s pure San Diego.

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